Oak Valley Community & Athletic Association

About Our Club

Oak Valley Athletic Association is a small athletic and community association in the town of Deptford that provides children a place to play Basketball and Little League Baseball/Softball as well as hosts various community events. We try to ensure our children the best possible experience to help make lifelong friendships and memories while playing sports in a safe, secure, fun and competitive environment.  We also try to boost community relations with various events throughout the year. We are an organization made up entirely of volunteers.  These volunteers come together to donate time, money, props, food and their time to assist us build community bonds and create even more memories.



Feb 19,2016


2016 Registration is now open!

Field Status

Open Open

Volunteer Field (T-Ball) (09:46 AM | 03/29/16)

Open Open

McHugh Field (09:46 AM | 03/29/16)

Open Open

Pop Field (09:46 AM | 03/29/16)

Open Open

Margie Field (09:46 AM | 03/29/16)

Closed Closed

Pine Acres School (09:46 AM | 03/29/16)

Open Open

Cages (09:46 AM | 03/29/16)

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